How To Submit A Phtoto and Register

ALOHA CASTING accepts email Submissions only; no hard copies. We do not hire anyone who lives outside the state of  Hawaii nor do we keep non-residents on file.  ALOHA CASTING specializes in casting local, Hawaii based projects only.

We cast Extras, and do refer to our Talent Rosters Agents should a client. Our clients' budgets don't allow for the payment of outer island talent's expenses. If you have a Hawaii agent and the agency's name does not appear on your resume, please be sure to include the agency's name in your email or your resume. Hawaii residents should follow this guideline:

1. Send one photo only:  a headshot, comp card or snapshot, that represents how you look today.

2. Send the photo in jpeg format, not to exceed 100k in size.

3. Be sure to title the jpeg with your name per this example: 


4. If you have a resume in .doc or .pdf format, please attach it. These are the only 2 formats we accept.

The same size limit applies. Be sure your name appears in the title of that file exactly the same as it appears in the title of your photo.

5. If you don't have a resume please include in the body of the email:

     First & Last name:

Parent's name if submitting a minor (under 18)

Agent's name, if you have one:

Island residence:

Age range (birthdate if under 18)

SAG member or non union:

Are you legal to work in the USA?

Contact phone number

Please list acting or acting class experience, if any:

Due to high volume of photos receive and our extremely busy work schedule we ask that you follow instructions

above. Before sending your photo and resume please recheck them to see if they comply with #s 2, 3, & 4.

Click HERE to send an email and attachments. If you don't have a resume you may copy and paste the info under

#5 above into the body of the email and add your answers. If you have trouble with the email link, please use this

address substituting :

Photo submissions do not guarantee an audition.We will contact you when we feel you are appropriate for a project.

We look forward to having you on file!!!

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