Set Etiquette

Here are some basic "ON SET" rules that we ask you to become familiar with!

 Please arrive on time, with specified wardrobe and ID's and remember to "check in" with the Production Assistant right away. If you are ever "booked" for a day of work and simply wake up and don't feel like doing it not only reflects badly on my office but we will be hesitant to

hire you again. That said, if you ever have an emergency just contact us right away so that we may fill your spot with another eager Extra.

​Please DO NOT bring friends, family or pets to set. You are in a business environment and should conduct yourself accordingly.

When filming on a "Sound Stage" there may be a flashing red lights outside of all entrances, DO NOT walk onto a set when you see a flashing

red light- they are "rolling".  

Please be sure to turn your ringer off your cell phone when on the set.

It is very important to not leave the set without telling the Production Assistant you checked in with, where you are going, or without

asking permission. If you ever have a personal emergency and need to leave work, you MUST sign out.

Please DO NOT look into the camera unless specifically told to do so.

Please DO NOT  talk when you are being given information.

Please DO NOT talk during the filming of a scene-however, you may be asked to "pantomime" (talk or gesture without making a sound)

It is VERY important that you DO NOT ask the actors for autographs or photos. They are working very hard and focused on the scene they 

are shooting. This activity is VERY disruptive and if we hear that this embarrassing situation has occurred, you will be removed from our files.


The use of any voice recording devices, cameras, video tape players, ect. is strictly prohibited. If you bring any of these devices to the set and you are caught using them you will be removed from our files.

Please DO NOT wander around. Stay in the designated Extras Holding areas. The Assistant Directors (AD's) and the Production Assistants (PAs) need to know where you are at all times.

Please DO NOT get in the way of the Production Crew. When equipment is being moved or transported it's dangerous to be in the way!

Please DO NOT handle production equipment. This is more of a safety issue than anything else.

If you become sick or injured, you must report it to the Production Assistant, Assistant Director, Set Medic, Or Set Nurse that day before leaving the set. This is very important if a workman's comp claim is filed, the paperwork must include the accident report that the set medic

is required to complete, without that report the claim is difficult to file.

DRUGS or ALCOHOL on sets is strictly prohibited. If you are suspected to be under the influence or in possession of these items you will be dismissed immediately, and you will be removed from our files.

If you have participated in disruptive activities or behavior on any set.....arriving late, unprofessional attitude, harassment, disappearing from the sets, etc. This will result in suspension or removal from our files.

Please Do have a great time, and enjoy yourself each and every day you show up on set!

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